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Case Study: Zenith Intelligent Vehicle Solutions

Ambassador Name: Suzie Moody

Apprenticeship Programme: Business Admin, Human Resources, IT, AAT, Customer Service

Employer: Zenith

Why did you decide to employ an apprentice/apprentices?

Zenith launched its long-running apprenticeship programme to nurture and develop talent, utilising the company’s strong links with schools and colleges to inspire students to pursue a career in the fleet industry. Zenith designed the programme in partnership between its current workforce and new apprentices, supporting both parties as they come together, something that has proven extremely successful. The programme also makes business sense, lowering recruitment costs, reducing employee turnover and bringing fresh ideas into the business. Our strategy is to employ the right people and our apprenticeship programme fully supports that.

Please describe your experience/ highlight

There are too many highlights to choose from!

The overall journey has been enjoyable and eye-opening. The apprentices are exciting to be around with their passion and motivation to always do the best job. It’s fantastic to see them progress into new roles, complete projects and continually develop and grow. Our apprenticeship programme is very interactive, involving not just ‘on-the-job’ training but also social activities and events, including a ‘bring your parents to work day’, where you can see, hear and share the positive impact the programme is having. One key highlight is seeing young people making choices for themselves and creating their own path.

Please describe the benefits of apprentices in your business

The apprenticeship programme has many business benefits; reduction in recruitment costs, reduction in employee turnover and an expansion of our talent base. It also means we’re taking steps to develop leaders of our business. Apprentices bring a culture of learning and working at the same time to the business. The scheme also provides opportunities to current employees; mentoring roles, arranging industry visits, presenting and learning from the development of the apprentices.

What do you feel are the advantages of offering an apprenticeship programme over other training or education?

An apprenticeship scheme allows individuals to work in an environment where they will be using the skills they learn, with exposure to standard business practices, real-life tasks and experienced team members. It helps to prepare young people for their future careers and gives them the freedom to develop and to grow into the role, at their own pace and with lots of mentoring. They are part of the team from day one, and our programme is designed to support that. From the moment they begin their apprenticeship, they have embarked on their career path, gaining the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. There’s no need to wait until their further education has ended, apprentices have the opportunity to work and earn which can be extremely rewarding.

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