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Case study - Helen Lucas from Care Plus Group

Apprentice Name - Helen Lucas

Apprenticeship Title - Clerical Assistant

Employer - Care Plus Group


I was struggling to find work and so went through a scheme called employability. I wanted a full time stable job with regular hours and was looking into admin work. This job came up, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to gain paid work experience whilst learning at the same time

PLEASE DESCRIBE YOUR EXPERIENCE So far I have gained valuable experience working as a clerical assistant within community occupational and physiotherapy. I’m never bored as there is always something to do whether it is writing systmone forms or answering queries from patients and professionals over the phone. this is the aspect I enjoy the most as I like to contribute to making a difference in people's lives no matter how small

HOW HAS YOUR APPRENTICESHIP HELPED YOU PROGRESS IN YOUR CAREER? I have almost completed the level 2 administration apprenticeship course with a view to being kept on full time within the team. This is because I have been given a lot of responsibility in my role so now feel competent in it.

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