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Case Study; Arco Ltd

Apprentice Name: Robyn Allan

Apprenticeship Title: BA Level3/ Chartered Mgmt Degree Apprenticeship

Employer: Arco Ltd

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

In my second year of A-Levels i started exploring all possible options; including University and apprenticeships. The opportunity at Arco stood out to me as there was an evident progression plan for the apprentices and i loved the idea of gettoing practical experience alongside a formal qualification.

Describe your experience

My experience as an apprentice has been largely shaped by the support made available by Arco. The L&D team, my line manager, and workplace mentor have all supported me through my learning and have encouraged me to progress onto a new role and new opportunities. I could complete my apprenticeship much sooner then i’d hoped and was them offered a full-time position with Arco which i happily accepted.

How has your Apprenticeship helped you progress in your career?

Following the completion of my Level 3 apprenticeship, Arco supported me in looking at options for further education. In January 2019, i enrolled on the Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship at Hull University which i am thoroughly enjoyng. The Degree Apprenticeship has allowed me to maintain in full time employment, but the 20% off the job study allocation has allowed me to explore other areas of the business to help me further define my career path.

What do you feel are the advantages of doing an apprenticeship over other training or education?

An apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the workplace whilst completing a formal qualification. For me, this meant that following the completion of my apprenticeship, the migration into a full-time colleague was seamless as I already felt like part of the team. I was also already in the routine and understood the requirements of full-time employment.

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