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YAAN Chair visits Syngenta to recruit new ambassadors

Our apprentices already support many careers events, school tours on site and apprenticeship talks/presentation, they are very much proud Apprenticeship Ambassadors- so we thought of making their efforts and hard work more official with the YAAN.

Bradley (Longford) met with our apprentices and delivered a presentation to them on his journey as an apprentices, his career with Henry Boot and the benefits of the YAAN and how to become a member.

All apprentices were enthusiastic in joining Bradley and supporting him! So far I know that 1 apprentice has put forward his application to be an ambassador. (James Wilkes)

The others are just completing their registration forms over the next few days.

Bradley was a fantastic presenter- we saw him present at the recent YHAAN meeting in Halifax just before Christmas and even in the short time we saw how his confidence had grown in presenting and public speaking!

We got a team photo of everyone together and its had lots of views and shares on twitter! On my twitter statistics it says the post received 1,073 impressions (times people saw this tweet on twitter) and then 79 total engagements with people commenting and sharing the post.

Nikita Seabright - Training & Apprenticeship Manager

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